Lloyd Lightner Ghost Story

Posted on June 23rd, 2016

lightnerby Myron Marcotte

I have told this story many times about a ghost in the mine named Lloyd.

Lloyd was a beloved miner who worked underground from about 1962 until his death from disease in 2001. He was the kind of guy you liked to be around, always fun-loving, playful, and to a new miner like me – protective. Shortly after Lloyd’s death the miners started seeing shadows and things they could not explain and so it always became Lloyd.

Well in 2003 I became mining supervisor and during an inspection along the beltway at entry 26 I noticed Lightner inscribed neatly into the wall. It was a perfect relief, looking as if someone had pushed their finger in the salt to draw it. And it was carefully painted in red.

Now I know Lloyd Lightner and careful he was not – more like a bull – rough and tumble was his technique.

So when I saw the miners at break time I asked, “Who wrote Lloyd’s name in red on the wall out at 26?”

They all looked at me rather puzzled. No one even remembered ever seeing his name out there. We all loaded up in a truck and went to look. A lot of head scratching went on and no one remembered ever seeing it before. We all inspected it and found the relief did not have any dust in it. A sure sign it was really new.

Well fast forward to 2012. Now I am a surface supervisor and I go underground to do some mapping. I come to belt-head 26 and no red Lightner in the wall. I look around nothing on the ground. The wall was smooth. Again I asked, “What happened to Lloyd’s name?” No one knew.

Later that day we all met at 26. Some of the guys looked for red on the floor and around the corner but not a trace of red or rocks or anything could be found.

Nothing remains of the Lightner relief except for this picture I took way back in 2003.



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