Dare to Descend

Venture deep into the untold secrets of Strataca. Experience a thrilling subterranean quest unlike anything you’ve experienced before in the raw, abandoned areas of the mine. Are you ready?

Looming Discoveries

Uncover the mysteries of the mine through its maze of abandoned passages.

  • An Underground Odyssey.

    With only a lighted hard hat and an intimate group, you will ride through miles of tunnels in the darkness. Discover natural formations of geological history only a select few have seen – until now. Safari Shuttle is a one-of-a-kind experience for the awaiting onlooker.

  • A history untouched.

    Untampered with since the '50s, the parts of the mine you'll discover during Safari Shuttle serve as a time capsule, allowing visitors to experience history. Everything has been left intact—from break areas crowded with vintages snack wrappers to abandoned dynamite boxes and rail systems. As they say, everything that goes down in the mine stays in the mine.

  • Gaze upon geological gems.

    Many extraordinary geological formations and mysteries await you in the mine. Witness fallen roofs, heaved floors, scaling walls and our divine crystal submarine. Learn the secret behind this extravagant, nearly 275-million-year-old crystal pod.

Important Information

Participants must be at least 8 years of age; ages 8-17 must be accompanied by someone who is 18 or older.




Each participant will be issued a hardhat and a flashlight.

  • There are only 12 seats available for each Shuttle departure
  • No restroom stops available during the duration of the trip
  • Visitors must be able to get on an off the tram without aid
  • A tour time to go underground must be purchased early enough to arrive at the Shuttle loading area before the Shuttle departs
  • Visitors cannot return underground if they go topside
  • Shuttle tickets are non-refundable the day of the Shuttle departure due to limited capacity
  • The Safari Shuttle adds approximately an hour to your Strataca experience
  • The Safari Shuttle cannot accommodate wheelchairs or scooters


Strataca is CLOSED EASTER SUNDAY, open daily 9 to 5, 1 to 5 on Sundays, and closed Mondays. The last tour is at 3