The Shaft

A feat unto itself, the passage to Strataca bored through frozen aquifer and countless layers of rock and silt making room for the 6-ton hoist. This double-decker wonder transports up to 30 passengers on the descent — 650 feet below.

Permian Room

Intriguing, as it is palatial, the Permian Room is one-of-a-kind. Inspired by the poet Pablo Neruda in his Ode To Salt — “I know you won’t believe me but it sings, salt sings” — Strataca has transformed this space. The walls act as ancient scrolls of the earth revealing secrets of the strata formed by the Permian Sea long ago. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the Permian Room in its full grandeur, only at Strataca.

Harry's Habitat

About 250 million years ago, Harry the Halophile (salt dwelling bacteria) fled into a pocket of salt water as his habitat dried up around him. Over time the pocket grew into a crystal of pure salt and that’s where he slumbered until scientists woke him up in 1999. Harry has the distinction of being the oldest living organism on earth and today you can visit him in Harry’s Habitat underground at Strataca. Learn how the discovery of Harry is helping NASA search for life on Mars!

Salt Mine Express

Journey into a raw portion of the salt mine where virtually everything is exactly as it was left over 50 years ago. The Salt Mine Express is a 15-minute train ride through a part of the mine that was active during the 1940s and 50s. Riders will get to travel through time and witness things the miners left behind. “What goes into the mine stays in the mine.” This is a narrated, guided tour.

The Dark Ride

Take a 30 minute tour on a tram through an area of the mine that includes lit areas explaining air flow, mine hazards, nuclear waste storage – and much more information dispensed by your personal guide. You also get to collect a souvenir piece of salt!

GE Engine No. 2

One of only three such engines ever built, is now on display outside of Strataca. Built in 1919, the antique train ran along a short railway line from 1928 to 1963 that provided switching services for the Carey Evaporation Plant and Salt Mine.

True Geology Exhibit

After many years, we are able to begin production of a professionally designed geology exhibit. The first of four sections will answer the question “Where is the Salt” in a fun and interactive way. It's in production now in Minnesota and we have been raising money this year but still need $15,000 by October 1 to get it completed and installed underground. If you love Strataca and would like to help in this worthwhile effort, donate any amount, large or small — today!


Run underground in the Mine Run 5K Feb, 20  or  Have Dinner and a play at Murder in the Mine March, 5th

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